Today was the day the event in Hall B started at DREAMHACK WINTER 19: DAY 2. It was opened from 10AM to 8PM (it’s exactly 10PM when I type this).

I took pictures of stuff I think was cool. I also tested 2 indie games and took notes, I will write my impressions and I’ll check out more tomorrow and on Sunday.

DOOM ETERNAL is PLAYABLE. I’ll get my hands on it tomorrow.

E3 Opens Its Door For The Public

E3 is the world’s biggest gaming event. It takes place between 13 to 15 June in Los Angeles, California. Only industry folks are invited to the event, but this year it’s opening its doors for the public.

Everyone interested in attending can buy tickets online starting Monday 13th February. They go for $250 and $150 for those that purchase them on that date. Total, there will be 15 000 available and the fans can visit panels or test games on the showfloor just like at Gamescom or PAX.

#FANTASY: Check out when GRR Martin Came To #Stockholm #NERDTV

Youtube description: George R.R. Martin visited the Science Fiction Bookstore in Stockholm june 23d 2015 for a q&a with Elio M Garcia and Linda Antonsson, the authurs of A World of Ice and Fire.

Biljetterna Till #ComicCon/#Gamex Släpps Idag

Fjolårets Comic Con Gamex var en publiksucce med cirka 30 000 besökare. Den hölls i Kista Mässan.

Iår flyttar mässan till Friends Arena och ikväll släpps biljetterna för eventet.

Vill du boka, kan du få göra det på länken nedan: