Ever wondered what the future is like? When I was younger, I believed that flying cars will cruise everywhere, as it was mostly seen in pop-culture/sci-fi movies. This was before 2000, the year I thought cars would fly.


REVIEW: VOI’s Electric Scooter Rental Service

My right thigh hurts. I have been leaning on it while I’ve been pushing the electric scooter with my left foot. It’s uphill and the gadget is not working by itself….

Me and my friend – David change scooters. I know his was working so it should sort out. I was near to giving up as I lost feeling in the thigh. What now? It just won’t work even though I pushed the gas button. Perhaps if I push it again… Yeeeees! Now I get it… I need to push and hold it. It’s working!

Prior to this experience, I got instructed by my friend to download the VOI app. When done, I inserted my credentials. Next step was to set the GPS and the Bluetooth of the mobile. The app will prompt you to do so.

Afterwards, you can seek on the map for available scooters. When you find one, you can either scan its QR- code, or enter it manually (which is helpfull, because in dark the camera may let you down). When you’re done, you can simply chose to unlock it and you are ready for your trip. Before renting it, info such as battery level is shown to the user, so if you estimate that you won’t reach your destination, you can check out the map and get another scooter.

The strongest selling point is that it cost you around 1€ to unlock it and around 1,5€ for 10 minutes of travel. I’ve seen a couple of hundreds, if not thousands of scooters available through the city. Whenever you want it, you should be able to find one within 5 or 10 minutes’ walk from your location. As mentioned, the app will help you out.

Perhaps in the summer, the demand is bigger, as I felt my fingers freezing today (it’s below 0 Celsius here, in Stockholm right now). You can also park the scooters where you want and if you just wanna go into a store and buy something fast, you can pause the subscription and reserve the scooter – no money will be charged and no one will be able to rent it while you’re in the store.

The downside is that it losses speed when riding it upwards and you have to push it with your legs. I do think that future generation of scooters will do much better, as there are also contenders on the market and it’s in the companies’ interest to advance and invest in their products.

There is a small electronic screen where you can see the speed and level of battery. I have reached speeds such as 14 or 15 km/h on plain street. The brakes are also good, but it can differ. I’ve rented 3 scooters and felt a bit difference.
Stockholm also has one of the best bicycles’ lane network in the world and thus makes the product relevant. With an environment-aware millenial generation and the fact that 15 minutes cost you at most around 3€(with the rental fee being 1€), it’s worth the ride.

NOTE: 4/5
The only let-down is that it almost won’t work uphill. A fun experience and you should definately try it when you are in Stockholm

National Geographic Documentary: ‘FUTURE EARTH 2050’

National Geographic Documentary: Future Earth 2050 Best National Geographic Documentary. Earth in 2050″ – 2015 Documentary, we will try to predict what will happaned in 2050: Humanity is at a crossroads, Nearly half of the Amazon rainforest has been deforested, Hi-tech, intelligent buildings are revolutionising the urban landscape, Smaller, safer, hi-tech automobiles, Major advances in air travel comfort.