#GAMING: Check Out My #Gamecollection


So this is my entire game collection. For the moment being, I’ve only got PS3 games and the PS3 console.

I will add more PS3 games to my collection as it gets only cheaper but next year I will get a PS4 with a couple of top games.

Enjoy the pic, b*tches! 🙂


‘DARK SOULS’- Series Has Sold 8 Million Copies

According to gaming- site Destructoid, the ‘Dark Souls’- series has now sold in 8 million copies. The numbers are taken from Famitsu, who took it from the series’ developer From Software’s presentation.

More than 3,25 units were sold on PC. The original game has sold over 2,4 million copies globally, while the game with all the DLC released sold 2,6 million.

The second ‘Dark Souls’- game has sold 2,4 million – over 530 000 being the ‘Scholar Of The First Sin’ edition.

‘Dark Souls III’ is in development.


Swedish developer Paradox’s game Magicka 2 releases today on Steam and PSN for the PS4.

Check out the game’s official webpage for trailers, free items and more:


(Thanks to Gamerevolution for the picture)

The Legend of Zelda Wii U is no longer scheduled to release this year, Nintendo has announced.

The game will not be shown during this year’s E3, either.

Apparently, the freedom in this forthcoming Zelda- title is never before seen in any game in the franchise. And this gave the development team new ideas about the gameplay, ideas that Nintendo wants to see tried and implemented. That is why the new title will likely be delayed to maybe next year, as there seems to be a lot of stuff that could be done which has not been before thinked of.

Check out the development update from Nintendo and make up your own opinion. Enjoy!