#NERDTV: AMAZING! ‘SPEEDCUBING’ Wins ‘ROMANIA GOT TALENT 2015’ – Check Out Their Performance

So the guys basically had 100 of Rubick’s cubes randomly organized and lett the jury choose 4 of these.

The first choice would not be touched untill the end of their number but the other 3 would they solve, all three of them going blind while they would do this.

As you can see, one of the cubes was not solved but it was later revealed that it was arranged exactly as the first, by the jury chosen, cube was. EXACTLY THE SAME, ON ALL SIDES!

At the end they had two “gifts”: the faces of the programme presentors made by a single layer of cubes.

They were my pick through the show since the day I saw them performing and I am really glad that they won. These guys really deserved it.

Watch, share and enjoy!

We have recruited another member

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