In a move that could change the future of mobile gaming, Epic Games beats the drum of war and takes on BOTH Apple and Google.

‘Fortnite’ is one of the biggest things in pop-culture and beyond in these last years BUT going on both giants at once it’s more than a bold move.

The background leading to this is Apple removing Epic’s product from Apple Store, after they [Epic Games] implemented direct payments, thus directly cut off Apple’s of their 30% cut. Those percents are standard for purchases in the app store and it’s in the publishing agreement every developer needs to comply in order to be able to offer its product(s) for the platform.

Things however do not stop there. Just hours later, Epic moved against another tech-giant – Google – whose share is also 30% on all revenue made on Google Store, also legally binding in order to get published for the whole worldwide Android market.

Epic are NOT seeking any monetary compensation, they ARE challenging the monopoly of Apple [and Google], just as seen above. There is more to this story but to keep things simple: they want to change rules and opting for open mobile markets where everyone would have the possibility to:

1) pay less to Google and Apple, maybe offering lower costs to the end-users
2) launch their own store[s] – [Epic] has one already

Mobile gaming has a market share of aprox. 50% in a industry worth $160 billions.

This is fast, simple and read worthy, you may need translation:


List of Google Stadia launch titles

Google Stadia is an ambition project from Google aiming to make us rethink the future of gaming.

The library will be streamed directly from Google’s servers with no need of any hardware. Usualy gamers agree that PCs has the best graphics and that could be a game changer as this “Netflix” of gaming may equal them and not requiring expensive upgrades. This concept has existed before but I strongly believe that Google will manage to take it to the next level.

You’ll be able to game straight from the browser and works well with Chromecast so you can play from TV, laptop, phone and tablet.

A subscribe will cost ~$10 per month.

Google Stadia launch titles

Launching November 19.


So Google announced Stadia a couple of weeks ago. It’s a gaming streaming service. The goal is that the users should be able to use it on every possible device.

Check out more info from yesterday first Stadia Connect:


Once hyped and on its way to become the next big THING in tech, it failed. The masses have not heard news about the product in at least 2 to 3 years.

One main reason to why it’s overlooked could be the rise of AR and VR. Holo Lens, Occulus are paving the way to the future. The door IS NOT Google Glasses.

I know not a single person who at least tested the gadget. Myself have been fooling around a lil’ bit Gear VR (Samsung’s VR set) and also know a couple of people who’ve tried out Holo Lens and Occulus.

Becoming in demand by the market is crucial and the way there isn’t easy. Google Glasses was hyped at first but failed to deliver. There was no REAL NEED.

Now it remains to see if it only was a flop OR if the product was ahead of its time.


Google’s AI – DeepMind – has played StarCraft II matches against some of the world’s best players.


Even Kevin McCallister needs a little help. Add aftershave to your shopping list, set reminders, and fend off bandits, hands-free: https://assistant.google.com

And for a limited time, try these Home Alone Easter eggs on your Google Assistant:
– Hey Google, how much do I owe you?
– Hey Google, did I forget something?
– Hey Google, the Wet Bandits are here. – Hey Google, it’s me Snakes. I got the stuff.
– Hey Google, I’m the man of the house.

Google’s Deep Mind Explained! – Self Learning A.I.

GOOGLE Has An Android App That Allows Taking VR Pictures

“Cardboard Camera takes VR photos—moments in time you can relive in virtual reality. Hear the sounds as they happened, and look around to see the scene in every direction. VR photos are 3D, so near things look near and far things look far. Whether its a vacation getaway or a family get-together, VR photos bring you back to that moment,” reads Google’s description.

#TECH: A Comparision Between The Old And The New #GOOGLE Logo

The picture in this post shows the difference between the old and the new, sans-serif logo. I’ve chosen to post this as it came to my mind a question about what the differences were, as I don’t recall ever paying big attention to the logo.

(Credit: Dezeen.com)

There you have it: the top logo is the old one and the one at the bottom is the new logo, the one that was introduced just yesterday. What do ya’ll think of the change? Is it that big of a change as it was reported by all the major sites around the Internet or is the buzz too big? Have in mind that this is Google that we talk about and almost everything Google- related gets and will get big attention.

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#EASTEREGG: #Google This #ValentinesDay #HappyValentine

Check out this one on Google:


It fits for Valentine’s, doesn’t it? 🙂

#Google This: Exp(-((x-4)^2+(y-4)^2)^2/1000) + exp(-((x+4)^2+(y+4)^2)^2/1000) #9GAG