#Gaming: ‘#BATTLEFIELD: #HARDLINE’ #Beta Is Coming To All Platforms #spel

According to Battlefield Hardline‘s official website, the beta will be open for all platforms.

You’ve been asking about it, waiting for it, and while we can’t tell you everything (like when it’s coming), we’re dropping the first details about the Battlefield™ Hardline beta today.

First things first: It’s open to everyone and on all platforms – PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360®, PS4™ and PS3™. So no matter where you roll or how you roll, you have a way to get in.
Source: http://www.battlefield.com/hardline/beta-info

The game is scheduled to release on March 17.

#Gaming: ‘BATTLEFIELD HARDLINE’ Gets A Release Date #BattlefieldHardline #Battlefield #Hardline #spel

Initially the game was set to release on 23 October this year but EA had delayed the game. The extra time was said to be used to polish up things, which was wise if you think about the Battlefield 4 release. BF4 contained a lot of bugs on all of the game’s versions and even thought EA and DICE released patches to patch things up, the game still suffers.

Battlefield Hardline is now said to release on 19 Mars next year for PC, PS4, PS3, XOne and Xbox 360.