EMINEM Surpasses 10 Billion Views On YOUTUBE

Eminem‘s official EminemVEVO channel has 9,752,813,696 views and his other official channel – EminemMusic – counts at 259,521,262 views which makes a total of 10,012,334,958 views.

His most popular videos on VEVO are: The Way You Lie, ft Rihanna (1,4 billion views),Not Afraid (1 billion) and Rap God (617 million).

The other channel – EminemMusic – has Lose Yourself as its most viewed video wirth almost 100,000,000 views


M.G’s First Single – ‘GOIN’ INSANE’ To Be Released This Friday

Kejma Records, a music label based south of Stockholm is proudly announcing that artist M.G, togheter with Bamma B are releasing the artist’s first single – Goin’ Insane on Friday, December 8.

The track is a reggae vibing hip hop mix. When it releases, it will be featured on this blogg.