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Buzz Bingo’s ‘Insta Wealth 2020’- study on top Instagram earners from March 2019 to March 2020 is out now.

The top three spots remain unchanged from the year before. Cristiano Ronaldo is still the best paid influencer on the platform with an Insta income of $50.3 million. The study reveals he posted 43 sponsored posts during the period and that translates to $1,17 million per post. He  has the biggest account with over 226 million followers.

At number two we have another football star: Lionel Messi, with $30,4 million in revenue. It’s a total increase of over $7 million from the 2019- chart and he is also paid better – almost $100k more per ad-post.

Systers Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner claim the following spots.

David Beckham, Kim Kardashian, Neymar, Selena Gomez, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Gal Gadot, Ronaldinho, Robert Lewandowski, Jennifer Lopez and Will Smith are also on the list.

#APP: #InstaSize – Resize Your Pictures To Be Able To Share Them On #Instagram

Instasize is an app available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. I use it on my Samsung Galaxy S5 all the time, and it allows me to resize the photos I wanna share so they fit for Instagram.

As you might already know, Instagram doesn’t allow to share photos bigger than a certain resolution. But InstaSize fits your picture to be uploaded. The app can be used to upload pictures on other social media services as well, like Twitter or Facebook.

Available now on AppStore, Google Play and Windows Store.

Click on the picture to learn more.

Social Media: Two Accounts You Should Follow #Twitter #Instagram

There are millions, if not hundred of millions accounts on Instagram and Twitter. Fortunately, both social media apps allows you to find people based on your preferences, such as who you follow, and suggests other users that may interest you.

It’s a nice feature that allows you to connect with other people based on your interests and hobbies. Now I’m gonna suggest two accounts you should follow:

I follow this account for the latest on superheroes. News, rumors and other fun stuff.
Twitter And Innstagram: @superherofeed

Dan Bilzerian
This is a poker- millionaire that enjoy sharing with us his interest for weapons and women. Earlier, he stated that he made the account for us to follow his life.
Instagram: @danbilzerian

I will update you with new accounts to follow in the sea of the social media. Enjoy these two for now!

#ComicConSthlm: Some Pictures From The First Day Of Comic Con Stockholm #Gamex #spel #film #serier #superhjältar #cosplay

The day is not over, yet, below comes some pictures from the first day of the Comic Con convent in Stockholm, Sweden. They are embeded from pictures at the Instagram- hashtag #ComicConSthlm. Enjoy!

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#whapstories #diorama s at #comicconsthlm

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Leveled up! #whapstories #dioramas #comiccon

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Här spelas det streetfighter #comicconsthlm

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This is gonna be a long ass day…

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#comicconsthlm #c3po Nördarnas Paradis!

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Åkersberga, Sweden- based paint artist

Name of Atilio Vasquéz’s creation: “M.M.9642“, Date: 3/11 – 2013.


You can find the artist on his Instagram page:

About the artist
Based in Åkersberga, Sweden, named Atilio Vasquéz, age 24 an political intersted paint artist, working mostly with digital paintings and has his art shared on his Instagram page and his Twitter profile. He is also one half of GeekeenBoy / Keep on Geekin’.

We have recruited another member

We have recruited another team member to our portal (blogg – twitter – facebook page and instagram) which means that now we are two members at Keep Geekin.

We are bloggers who want to see the blog grow in time. The new recruit will help with other news than gaming. The blogg turns to geeks and gamers – people interested of movies, comics, music, tech, science, space and not at least gaming.

The new recruitment will allow us to update more often and have a variation when coming to blogg posts and tweets.

Enjoy our blog/ The team