I made a list of the must have next-gen titles just a couple of days ago . However, I forgot about this gem that looks so ridiculously great (in a good way) with the gameplay and combat system achieving the ‘next-gen’ status.

‘Bright Memory Infinite’ was originally developed by a single person and that makes it awesome! You’ll see why!

Here’s the YouTube video description giving us some insight:
“Bright Memory: Infinite is an all-new lightning-fast fusion of the FPS and action genres, created by FYQD-Studio. Combine a wide variety of skills and abilities to unleash dazzling combo attacks. Bright Memory: Infinite is set in a sprawling, futuristic metropolis in the year 2036. A strange phenomenon for which scientists can find no explanation has occurred in the skies around the world. The Supernatural Science Research Organization (SRO) has sent agents out to various regions to investigate this phenomenon. It is soon discovered that these strange occurrences are connected to an archaic mystery – an as-of-yet unknown history of two worlds, about to come to light…”

Out in 2021 for PS5 and Xbox Series X and PC.

For one guy to to be crafting this, targeting next-gen and claiming the future of gaming, is truly brave. I mean, just watch the footage, it’s intense and… I wanna play! 😀



Disclaimer: If you have a slow Internet connection, this post may take a while to load as every presented game has an embedded video, so please have patience!

The next-gen consoles are just months away and gaming is about to step up to next level. Either you like racing, superheroes, horror, RPGs, shooters, here are some of the titles you should check out.

Ready? Ok, go!


The sequel to 2017’s ‘Horizon: Zero Dawn’ (PS4), and recently ported on PC (this August). This one took my breath away at the PS5 reveal event on June 11th. If you’re planning to own a PS5 this is a must!

Release date: not announced.


An epic, first-person RPG set in the fantasy world of Eora. It’s being developed by Obsidian Entertainment (most known for ‘Pillars of Eternity’, ‘Fallout: New Vegas’ and ‘The Outer Worlds’ etc), owned by Microsoft since 2018.
The first person perspective made the Internet compare it with ‘SKYRIM’. I need to see more but given Obsidian’s track record, I’d say this is a must for all Xbox Series X owners.

Release date: not announced.


The conclusion of the “World Of Assassination” trilogy. Looks gorgeous and Dubai is a great setting. It’s not limited to Dubai but I don’t care, it should please everyone.

Release date: January 2021.


Fable returns with a new beginning for the legendary franchise. Explore a land of fantastical creatures and wondrous places.
Ever since the first title on the original Xbox, I’ve had an interest for the franchise. We need to see gameplay, yes. I don’t think there’s a single Xbox- RPG/fantasy lover or fan not longing for this.

Release date: not announced yet.


Its art-style sets up for an incredible atmosphere. It’s beyond charming and I’m eagerly awaiting to explore this world.
There are talks about PS4- and PC- versions aswell.

Release date: Holiday 2020


When I saw it at the PS5 reveal event, I remember thinking “is it… it can’t be, right?” BUT.. IT WAS! This is the next installment in the franchise and the werewolf thing is awesome!

Release date: 2021.


Entirely rebuilt from the ground up and masterfully enhanced, it’s the remake of Demon’s Souls, a PS3 title developed by From Software (the makers of the ‘Dark Souls’- series). It was being rumored and finally confirmed at the June event, to everybody’s excitement.

Release date: not announced.


Running on Xbox Series X at 60FPS and up to 4K resolution. IMO ‘Halo’ made Xbox what Xbox is today and there are probably no gamers anywhere around the globe not knowing about this series. Split-screen co-op confirmed.

Release date: planned to be released as a launch game for Xbox Series X in late 2020.


The first game in the series since the release of ‘Ratchet & Clank’ in 2016 (PS4) which was a re-imagining of the first game in the series and as well based on the movie released the same year and with the same name. A female Lombax (Ratchet’s race) was teased and confirmed to be playable in the PS5 exclusive

Release date: not announced.


Already at PS5’s official announcement, the big leap in loading times between the new console and the PS4 was one of the main selling points and guess what! ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’ was used as the example.
It will take advantage of PS5’s new features: raytracing hardware, haptic feedback, 3d spatial sound etc. A standalone and continuation of the 2018 title but smaller in scope.

Release date: 2020.

‘S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2’ (xBOX SERIES X & PC)

One of the biggest open-worlds yet with a blend of FPS, immersive sim and horror with a really thick atmosphere. Features a non-linear story where your choices will influence both short-term consequences and global outcomes.

Release date: not announced


A 4-player co-op action game set in the hive city of Tertium where you’ll fight together with your friends against hordes of enemies.

Release‎ date: ‎planned for 2021.


The Forza Motorsport series speeds onto the Xbox Series X running at 4k 60. ‘Forza’ is to Xbox-consoles what ‘Gran Turismo’ is to PlayStation. Xbox Series X owners and fans of driving games SHOULD get this.

Release date: not announced.


PSVR 2.0 support confirmed, which is nice. As with the title above, I highly recommend it if you’re a future PS5 owner and enjoy racing.

Release date: not announced.


Unreal Engine 5 was revealed two days ago with a real-time demo running live on PS5 and it’s just as jaw-dropping as you would dream of. Well, beyond that actually.

This is the future and I’m really excited about this guys. It might take a couple of years ’til we get there but we’re in for a threat!

Epic states that the goals for “this next generation is to achieve photorealism on par with movie CG and real life, and put it within practical reach of development teams of all sizes through highly productive tools and content libraries.

This and more info about the new technology used to achieve this can be found on their blog:


(Thanks Prisjakt för bilden!)

Sony’s Playstation 4, has sold 20,2 million units as of March 1st, making it the fastest- selling videogame console ever, the company told on Wednesday.

The PS4 was launched in November 2013 and reached the 20 million milestone in less than a year and a half. As a comparition, it took a year and seven months to sell that many units for the PS2, which is the most sold console of all- time.

Nintendo had sold 9,2 million units of WiiU between November 2012 and December 2014 and Microsoft has sold around 10 million units of Xbox One in almost 12 months by November 2014.

More proof Fallout is heading next-gen

The swedish game retailer Webhallen has listed Fallout in the category of upcoming PS4 games.
The release date as for now is listed to 2015.

Proof: http://www.webhallen.com/se-sv/spel/playstation_4/alla/mest_salda/f/

EA talks multiplatform Titanfall sequels

(source: Eurogamer)

Promising mech shooter Titanfall is one of Xbox One’s flagship titles, but EA is considering future titles in the series for launch as fully multiplatform releases.

Speaking in an investor call last night (transcribed by Seeking Alpha), EA exec Blake J. Jorgensen explained that the publisher already had its eyes on a multiplatform future.

Ryse: Son of Rome launch trailer

Xbox One launch official broadcast available through Spike, GameTrailers

Xbox One Countdown to Launch will air on Spike TV as well as streaming on Xbox Live, Xbox.com, Spike’s website, GameTrailers and the GameTrailers app.

The show will kick off at 11.00PM ET/8:00 OM OT on November 21. The stream will show the New York and Los Angeles launch celebrations, interviews with developers, gameplay and some live performances.

VIDEO: See EA’s next-gen FIFA 14 TV ad

With the PS4 launched and the Xbox One around the corner, EA wishes to grab your attention with the brand new FIFA 14 ad for next-gen.


Battlefield 4 suffers with DDoS attacks, DICE addressing it

Battlefield 4 suffers from several problems as we are writting.
The PC version of the game is being attacked by DDoS which is used to try and inerupt servers by overloading the traffic. This led to the PC version being unplayable online for the majority of the weekend.

The PS4 version of the game is also affected by crashes and instability, with the game mode Conquest being one of the worst things affected.

DICE have been posting on Battlelog Forums telling people what was wrong and that they are addressing those problems ASAP.

Xbox One vs PS4

PS4 have arrived in North America. The Xbox One is launching on 22nd November. Welcome to the 8th generation of home-gaming consoles.

With PS4 launched and already sold in over 1 million units, the Xbox One will try to achieve the same perfomance. The winner in this console war will be the one with best games in our opinion, at Keep Geekin.

The Xbox One live streams will start as of today at Gamespots and IGN‘s, where users can check out the games, the UI and other stuff they might have questions about. Xbox One will be a bit pricier than the PS4 but it will have Kinect included in the package.

The PS4 have been rapported to may suffer from the blue light of dead, which means that no video signal is to be outputted, we hope that it won’t be the case with the Xbox One, as some might remember some of the Xbox 360 launch issues.

It seems that Sony has pushed in this generation for exclusive content, something that Microsoft were able to do under the last one with 60 minutes of exclusive gameplay in Assasin’s Creed: Black Flag, the Destiny beta hitting the PS4 and PS3 first and some exclusive features in the Diablo 3 expansion: Reaper of Souls only hitting the PS4. Xbox One on the other side has Titanfall as Xbox and PC exclusive.

Playstation 4 is selling over 1 million units in the first 24 hours

According to various sources, the PS4 has sold in over 1 million units in the first 24 hours of it’s launch. The numbers does not count the numbers of units shipped to the stores across the North America, but the numbers are actual the units sold to consumers.

Remember that the numbers are for North America as the PS4 has launched over there only, for now. The prediction foretell that Sony is going to push 3 millions units by the end of 2013.