Release Date For ‘DOOM’ On SWITCH Announced


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SWITCH Sells Twice As Much As PS4 In Japan

During its first 26 weeks on the Japanese market,Switch has sold 1 527 962 units. During the same amount of time, three years ago, PS4 has sold 665 760 units.

It took 69 weeks for Sony’s console to reach these insane numbers that Switch already is reaching. Some analytics say that the success is because of the console being portable as well, which makes Japanese gamers in love with it.

At the other hand, Switch has gotten some really strong releases during the time since its release, with games such as Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Splatoon 2 and Mario Kart 8.

Suoer Mario Odyssey is set to be released this October.

2,7 Millions SWITCH Sold During Its Launch Month

Nintendo has released the numbers for Switch’s first month. It has sold 2,74 million units, which is more than the 2 million expected by the company.

Their goal is to sell 13 million units untill April 2018, which means 10 million more consoles in one year. Wii has sold 20 million during its first year.

US Sales Numbers For SWITCH And ‘BREATH OF THE WILD’ Are In

According to GameSpot, Nintendo has just announced the sales numbers for Switch.

During March, the launch month for the new system, there has been sold 906 000 units in US. It makes it the fastest-selling system in Nintendo‘s history and one of the fast- selling system of all time.

In addition to those numbers, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has sold 1.3 million units; more 925,000 were sold on Switch and almost 460,000 on Wii U. These numbers combine physical and digital sales, and only represent figures for the US.

Remember that these figures are for March month and US only.

NINTENDO SWITCH Had The Biggest Opening For Any NINTENDO Console


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