Hacker Hacked Printers To Tell Users To Follow PewDiePie

Reports of printers hacked with a message to follow the biggest Youtuber – Pew Die Pie – have been reported since a couple of days back. A hacker claims to have hacked 50 000 printers (according to some sources) or up to 150 000 (according to other sources).

He urged users to unsubscribe the Indian ‘T-Series’ channel, which right now is the second most followed Youtube channel and could possibly overthrow the Swede at any time. The Twitter user “TheHackerGiraffe” claims to be the one responsable for the hack. He scanned the Internet to find the list of vulnerable printers with port 9100 open using Shodan, a search engine for internet-connected devices and exploited them.

How the message looks? Check it out below: