#GAMING: These Are The Changes In Playstation 4’s New Software Update 3.00

    • Online storage capacity increase — PS4 online storage capacity has increased from 1GB to 10GB for all PS Plus members. In 3.00 system software, you’ll see that we added a handy usage meter to monitor your available storage capacity, and a new Auto-Upload menu has been added to Application Saved Data Management.
    • YouTube live — PS4 owners will be able to livestream gameplay to YouTube. Livestreams will be viewable across YouTube, including on the new YouTube Gaming mobile app and website.
    • Events — A new hub for events has been added, giving an overview of activities taking place in the games you play most, as well as official broadcasts. For instance, you may see an update for a Double XP weekend, a special enemy appearing at a scheduled time, or seasonal events like in-game towns being decorated for the winter. You’ll also receive notifications when the event starts, or if the timing changes.
    • Favorite Groups — Favorite Groups has been added to the Friends app, letting you quickly access groups of people you like to play games with frequently. This will make the process of getting a game session up and running even easier.
    • Communities — PS4 users will have the ability to create communities based around shared interests, like games, genres, and more. Communities include a message board with general discussion, screenshots shared by players, and the ability to join parties / games. If you want to tackle a big multiplayer raid, but don’t have enough friends available, this could be a great way to connect with other players who are looking for the same thing.
    • Sharing video clips to Twitter — Users will have the ability to share video clips directly to Twitter. Maximum video length is 10 seconds, though you’ll have the ability to trim longer clips.
    • Stickers — Tired of typing out messages? With this update, you’ll be able to send stickers to friends through your messages.
    • Now Playing / What’s New — The Now Playing screen will display even more information about what your friends are doing, and you’ll be able to quickly jump into a game, party, request a screen share, or get sent to the PS Store to buy the game your friend is playing – further enhancing the social relationship with your friends online.
    • Live from PlayStation — We’ve improved the Live From PlayStation app, making it easier to view popular trending broadcasts in real time.
    • Request to watch gameplay — Want to view a friend’s gameplay session? Now you can send a ‘Request to Watch’ notification to a player, which will start a live broadcast or Share Play invitation to the person playing.

These are the changes that the Playstation team are most excited about right now, according to the Official Playstation US blog. More features will be announced soon, as well as the date for release. The beta will begin as of today.


‘BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT’ #PS4 Exclusive Content #Trailer

This trailer released by Sony teases the exclusive content of the game on PS4. 

Batman: Arkham Knight is the final part in Rocksteady’s Arkham– trilogy.

The game will release on June 23 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.


There will be two editions of the ‘BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT’ PS4 bundle. One of them is a limited edition and you can see it in the picture abow and below:

The other edition features almost the same items as the limited edition, but it will not include the paint job on the console and the Dualshock 4 controller. The interesting thing is that both bundles will include the exclusive Scarecrow- DLC, with three extra missions. Check out the bundle in a picture below:



Sony has announced that a remastered version of ‘GOD OF WAR 3’ will make it’s way to Playstation 4.

This version will have a 1080p resolution and will run at the smooth 60 fram per second. It will also feature a ‘Photo Mode’.

‘GOD OF WAR 3’ Remastered Edition will arrive on July 14, 2015. 

#GAMING: ‘MAGICKA 2’s Release Date And Price Announced #SPEL

This is a bit old, as the news appeared on Gamingbolt like 9 days ago, but as I look forward to the game and as I will buy the PS4 console and this game, it feels relevant to me.

Magicka 2 will release for PCs and PS4 on May 26th, and will “soon” to be available for pre order on the PS4. PC gamers can already now preorder it. The pricetag is $14.99 for both platforms. Those that preorder will get access to the game togheter with 3 firends, on 5th May already. European Playstation users will get the access one day later – on 6th of May.

The announcement was accompanied with a release of a launch trailer in 60FPS.
Watch it below:


(Thanks Prisjakt för bilden!)

Sony’s Playstation 4, has sold 20,2 million units as of March 1st, making it the fastest- selling videogame console ever, the company told on Wednesday.

The PS4 was launched in November 2013 and reached the 20 million milestone in less than a year and a half. As a comparition, it took a year and seven months to sell that many units for the PS2, which is the most sold console of all- time.

Nintendo had sold 9,2 million units of WiiU between November 2012 and December 2014 and Microsoft has sold around 10 million units of Xbox One in almost 12 months by November 2014.