Sony has revealed some amazing stats for PS4.

Released back in November 2013 in US and Canada, followed by Europe and later on Japan on February 22nd, 2014, the PS4 has proven to become another happy story as part of the PlayStation- brand, ushering new generations into a new era of gaming.

PlayStation™Network’s (PSN) December 2019 monthly active users have reached 103 million*1, demonstrating that gamers worldwide are enjoying PlayStation®’s offerings. Additionally, the PlayStation®4 (PS4™) console has sold through more than 106 million*2 globally, and the cumulative sales of PS4 software titles from retailers and PlayStation™Store (PS™Store) have reached 1.15 billion*3 as of December 31, 2019.

106 million consoles sold and over 1.15 billion games means that the average PS4 owner owns over 10 titles.

PlayStation VR …. has reached its 5 million unit sales milestone

Another cool milestone, 5 million VR units sold to date. Notable is the fact that it launched as late as October 13th 2016.


God of War Documentary

Ready yourself – 5.10.19

Raising Kratos debuts this Friday May 10th at 12:01AM Pacific on PlayStation YouTube.

COMING SOON right here to PlayStation YouTube: Raising Kratos documents the five year, herculean effort to reinvent one of the greatest stories in gaming, God of War.

Facing an unknown future, Santa Monica Studio took a massive risk, fundamentally changing their beloved franchise and re-establishing their rightful place in video game history. More than just a “making of,” this cinematic journey of second chances rooted in family, sacrifice, struggle and doubt follows game director Cory Barlog and those who chase perfection in art and storytelling. Witness the incredible defeats, the unpredictable outcomes and the down-to-the-wire tension on full display in this true-life redemption story.

Rated Mature: Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language

Text source: YouTube video description

Kratos IS the most bad ass character ever created, period.


Cool PS logo

Lead architect of the PS4- and PS VITA- consoles – Mark Cerny – is featured in an article from WIRED. He makes it public and official that the PS5 is on its way. It’s a long read and for those whom don’t have the time or willpower to go it through, here are some of the most interesting tidbits from the sneak peek of the next generation PLAYSTATION hardware:

– Backwards compatibility with PS4 games
– Supports 8K
– CPU based on AMD Ryzen, custom GPU based on AMD Radeon Navi, ray-tracing support
– Supports PSVR & physical media
– Won’t release this year

For full detailed info, read the article.


As of December 31, 2018, the console has officially sold more than 91.6 million units globally. The 2018 holiday season saw over 5.6 million PlayStation 4 units being sold.

As for the games, more than 50.7 million PS4 games were sold during the holiday season, bringing the worldwide total to over 876 million PS4 games sold since Sony’s latest console launched on November 15, 2013.
Source: https://nordic.ign.com/god-of-war/21737/news/playstation-4-sales-exceed-916-million-units-worldwide

2018 was an excelent year for Sony and the console. God of War and Spider-Man released exclusively and were also among the strongest releases of last year. Spider-Man has sold 9 million copies.