One of the best artists EVER.


B.U.G. Mafia – Cad Lanturi (Prod. Tata Vlad)

B.U.G. Mafia – Nu De Ieri, De Azi (Prod. Tata Vlad)

B.U.G. Mafia – Schimbu’ 3 (Prod. Tata Vlad)

B.U.G. Mafia – Se Ridica In Aer (feat. Super ED) (Prod. Tata Vlad)



One of the most popular artists from Romania, if not the most popular. Perfect club banger.

This video was released in November last year and gained over 76 millions on YouTube, which makes it A HIT.


One of my favorite bands/singer. You can stay updated with the latest Akcent- news on Instagram: @akcentofficiall and/or Twitter: @akcentofficial and @AdrianSina.

NERDTV: The Most Dangerous Town On the Internet – HACKERVILLE (Ramnicu Valcea, ROMANIA)

Watch the cybercrime documentary profiling the Romanian town nicknamed “Hackerville” or “Most Dangerous Town on the Internet.” Convicted blackhat hackers, like Guccifer (real name), talk worms, viruses, social engineering, identity theft, and even hacking Hillary Clinton’s email.

#NERDTV: AMAZING! ‘SPEEDCUBING’ Wins ‘ROMANIA GOT TALENT 2015’ – Check Out Their Performance

So the guys basically had 100 of Rubick’s cubes randomly organized and lett the jury choose 4 of these.

The first choice would not be touched untill the end of their number but the other 3 would they solve, all three of them going blind while they would do this.

As you can see, one of the cubes was not solved but it was later revealed that it was arranged exactly as the first, by the jury chosen, cube was. EXACTLY THE SAME, ON ALL SIDES!

At the end they had two “gifts”: the faces of the programme presentors made by a single layer of cubes.

They were my pick through the show since the day I saw them performing and I am really glad that they won. These guys really deserved it.

Watch, share and enjoy!

#Voltaj – De la capăt / All Over Again – (#Romania) 2015 #Eurovision #Song #Contest – YouTube

Check out Romania’s song for Eurovision Song Contest 2015 Final. I think it’s good. Don’t forget to vote 2night! 

#Sports: Serena #Williams Winner At #WTAFinals #WTAFinalsSingapore

American proffesional tennis player Serena Williams, nr 1 WTA has, earlier today, won her game against Romanian player Simona Halep, nr 3 WTA.

They met in the final at WTA Finals, a tournament that includes the best ranked 8 women tennis players and divides them, at first, in two group of 4 each, with the best two in their respective group advancing to the semifinals. The winners of the semifinal games meet each other in the final.

Serena won the first set with 6-3, despite a couple of errors in the begining breaks and as well despite a couple of tie breaks. She won the second set with 6-0, without any problems and with her typical hard smashes, with Halep not having any chance to respond well.

For this performance, she will get 2,047,000 $. Simona will get nearly 1 million $.

Football WC playoff rematches

In tonaight’s rematches to 2014’s WC playoffs will we see the following matches:
Sweden – Portugal (the matches starts from 0 – 1 to Portugal. The Swedes will have it rough against Portugal)
France – Ukraine (Ukraine won the first match with 2-0 and France has small chances of turning the result in their favor)
Romania – Greece (Romania has to turn a 3-1 loss in the first match, which will be hard as Greece are favorites)
Croatia – Iceland (Croatia is favorite even though this is the only game which stopped at 0-0 last Friday)