The kids struggle with their new lives as Runaways, but find a hideout. Alex goes to work for Darius while PRIDE plots to kill Jonah. Jonah initiates a plan to build a new box.

The new season premieres on December 21 and is 13 episodes long.


‘DOCTOR WHO’ New Year’s Day Special TRAILER

As the New Year begins, a terrifying evil is stirring from across the centuries of Earth’s history. As the Doctor, Ryan, Graham and Yaz return home, will they be able to overcome the threat to planet Earth?

‘VIKINGS’ 5×14 Promo “The Lost Moment”

As the celebrations for Ivar continue in Kattegat, grief hits Iceland and Floki must now make a fated decision; Harald’s army approaches Wessex; a conspiracy grows against King Alfred.
Watch Vikings Wednesdays at 9:00pm/8c on History
Starring: Katheryn Winnick, Clive Standen, Travis Fimmel


Crisis on Infinite Earths will premiere on The CW in the Fall of 2019.

On air January 15.

Monday January 21st on The CW.

Arrow returns with all-new episodes January 21st on The CW

Supergirl returns with all-new episodes January 20th on The CW.

Go behind the scenes with the Arrowverse production team and actress Ruby Rose as they give you a look at Batwoman’s introduction to the DCTV universe.

New On NETFLIX Nordics In January 2019

The full list, ordered by release date:
Tidyng Up With Marie Kondo – January 1
Bleed For This – January 1
The Shack – January 1
You Get Me – January 1
Smurfs: The Lost Village – January 10
Life – January 10
DC Titans – January 11
Sex Education – January 11
The Sound Of Music – January 15
Abducted In Plain Sight – January 15
Carmen Sandiego – January 18
Trolls: The Beat Goes On (Season 5) – January 18
Close – January 18
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Season 2 Part 4) – January 25