‘DISENCHANTMENT’ Official Teaser

Matt Groening takes us back. Way back. Disenchantment coming soon only on Netflix.


NerdTV: ‘THE SIMPSONS’ Super Bloopers

On my way home from the buss, I was thinking about The Simpsons bloopers. These clips are not exaclty what I’ve expected but they sure are funny as h*ll. Enjoy this playlist, dudes!

#NERDTV: ‘THE SIMPSONS’ Pixels #serier #series #simpsons

Directed and animated by Paul Robertson and Ivan Dixon, this video has gone viral as it got over 1 million views within three days from it’s release. Play, watch and enjoy!

#TV: Då Sänds ‘SIMPSONS’ Avsnittet Med ‘FAMILY GUY’ #serier #series #TV6

Onsdag, klockan 20.00 på TV6 är det dags!
Family Guy kommer till Springfield och serierna korsas i ett halvtimme långt avsnitt. I USA har det visats på FOX, den 28e September i fjol.

Missa inte det!