Just yesterday I’ve posted a video of the world’s first real lightsaber and here’s another video where we get to see it in action!!!

Don’t miss this one, the guys are putting it to test and…. heck it can even cut through steel!

You should check out their YouTube channel, they’ve made some CRAZY stuff during the years, like Wolverine’s bone claws, Iron Man Plasma Glove, and Helmet (WITH DISPLAY!!!), Thor’s Hammer and lots of other fun projects.


A working (and RETRACTABLE!!!) light saber has always been a dream, ever sice the concept was introduced by George Lucas in 1977’s film ‘Star Wars’ (now titled ‘Star Wars: A New Hope’ or ‘Episode IV’).

Up until now there has been, as we know it, no one able to pull it off. But just like its inspiration, there’s ‘A New Hope’ (pun intended).

Not just that they’ve been working it out, it results in being able to produce a blue lightsaber, a green lighsaber, a red lightsaber, an ember lightsaber and even a yellow lightsaber. In the ‘Star Wars’ universe these are made of lightsaber crystals also known as kyber crystals. And all colors are supposed to have different meanings

. This is rocket science and beyond my knowledge, so I’ll let these guys explain it to you.


‘The Mandalorian’ fulfilled ‘Star Wars’-fans’ fantasies by converting elements of the beloved saga into the first ever live-action show based upon the universe created by George Lucas.

Fans and critics LOVED it.

The only thing bigger than the show itself was… Baby Yoda. Well, it’s not a younger version of the legendary Jedi- master Yoda, so it’s not Yoda. Either is Yoda one of the races in the lore, so the name may not be accurate. But IT DOES have his resemblance and that was the name given by fans and it hence to be known by that name.

Are you more into the Dark Side of The Force? Here comes Baby Maul! Or Darth Yoda? Both names fit and he is just ADORABLE!!!

#SciFi: Star Wars All Lightsaber Colors And Meanings (#VIDEO) #StarWars #movies #film

A cool video explaining the colours of the lightsabers and their meaning. Enjoy!