‘MIITOMO’ Has Been Downloaded 3 Million Times

Miitomo, which is Nintendo‘s first mobile app has been released in Japan in Mars and short afterwards, the company announced that it has been downloaded one million times.

Yesterday, the app became available in some regions in the West and Nintendo has released updated numbers stating that the downloads areat 3 millions now. The app is available for both Android and iOS.

It’s still not announced when Miitomo will arrive here in Sweden.


Nintendo’s First ‘MIITOMO’ Commercial

Nintendo‘s first mobile app has proven to be a success so far and they have made a commercial that it’s kinda weird but most probably in a good way. I don’t know, I can’t decide. Anyway, check it out in the video below:

Think you know your friends? Guess again! Miitomo is a smart device app from Nintendo that brings out a side of you that your friends have never seen before! Personalize your Mii, interact with your friends, make Miifotos, play minigames and more! Download the app for free today in the App Store or Google Play.

‘MIITOMO’ Is The Most Downloaded iOS Game In The US In Its First Day

According to Nintendoeverything, Miitomo is the most downloaded game right now on the iOS and tops the games section on App Store in US.

Also, reports say that the game could beat 200 000 downloads during its first 24 hours. There is no word on the Android version, but in the UK’s App Store, Miitomo was number 36 on free games on March, 31.

Nintendo’s First App Already In Top 50 On App Store

Miitomo is Nintendo‘s first mobile app and it’s more a kind of social media, with chat functions among its users. It has been out in Japan for a while but saw the daylight in the UK and the US just today, and guess what? It already made its way to top 50 on App Store. Currently it’s ranked at #36 among the free apps (in UK). We know it because of this picture just posted on twitter:

Thanks to Twitter user NinBendo

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#APP: #InstaSize – Resize Your Pictures To Be Able To Share Them On #Instagram

Instasize is an app available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. I use it on my Samsung Galaxy S5 all the time, and it allows me to resize the photos I wanna share so they fit for Instagram.

As you might already know, Instagram doesn’t allow to share photos bigger than a certain resolution. But InstaSize fits your picture to be uploaded. The app can be used to upload pictures on other social media services as well, like Twitter or Facebook.

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