I’ve got HYPED last year when critics and audience praised this movie. IMDb describes it as:

In Swedish film collective Crazy Pictures feature “Den blomstertid nu kommer” Sweden faces a mysterious attack while Alex tries to reunite with his youth love, Anna.

Source: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5227746/

I like FANTASY most, yet SCI-FI follows it close. With the film being Swedish AND an “ALIEN SCI-FI”(described as such by some other sites), which is HIGHLY UNUSUAL for Swedish movies. We’re mostly fed with criminal dramas/thrillers but this project was made to be appealing for an audience like me.

I’ve heard that the creative minds behind the project have been contacted by HOLLYWOOD folks. There may be something in the works, but nothing OFFICIAL as of now. I wish them good luck and I’ll let ya’ll know my toughts about the movie when I’ll get it. ‘Till then folks, here comes a trailer… Enjoy!



Artist Adrijana‘s contributions to this year’s Melodifesrtivalen is Amare. Melodifestivalen is a big Swedish competition which lets the audience, in the end, choose a winner that will represent Sweden at Eurovision Song Contest ( that will be held in Kiev, Ukraine in May).

The competition is parted into 4 semifinals and a “second chance”- part before the big final.

Amare has made it to Sweden’s Top 50 on Spotify, charting at 49 as for now, with over 70K listenings in just a couple of days.

Author: Melika Zakarie

Adrijana‘s manager has made a name for herself by interviewing various artists and other personalities for her blogg – duvetinte.se and even for Kingsizemagazine, Scandinavia’s biggest hip hop magazine, is streaming games on Twitch, is a DJ and has a Youtube channel. She even got a Facebook page.
Her twitter is Duvetinte

Make sure you check them out!

Interview With ‘CAPTAIN SWEDEN’s Creator – Jörgen Berthage

Captain Sweden‘s creator: Jörgen Berthage


Geekeenboy meets the creator of Swedish superhero Captain Sweden. Read the interview with its creator and find out what inspires him, who ‘The Captain‘ is and what we could expect from both Jörgen and his creation. We wrote an article in which we presented the character to our readers, so you could read that aswell.



1. How did the idea of ‘CAPTAIN SWEDEN’ came to you?
Well, basically It came from the lack of Swedish or European Superheroes. We all know the American ones but if I ask you to name a Italian Superhero its not that easy.The swedish superheroes thats been  created here is mostly  parodys or joke orientated. I want to create  something else. A real supehero story set in a Scandinavian enviroment .First I came up with a concept of a Nordic superhero group but as the idea developed I decided to make him a much more independent  character. Now he is a Urban city lonewolf character protecting  Gothenburg.

2. Can you describe the superhero’s background?

Captain Sweden is actually a normal guy. No flasy superpowers. The story is about two brothers, Jonas and Tony Mendez who grow up in Gothenburg, Swedens’ second largest city. Tony Mendez is a Skatepro nicknamed “Captain Sweden”. One day when the two brothers return to a skatepark they discover a gang beating up another guy. Tony, who is the older brother, interferes and gets stabbed by the gangleader. Later Tony dies from his injuries. Jonas grows up alone with his mother who goes into a deep depression and gets hospitalized. Jonas decides to become a masked protector for the city . He takes the name of Captain Sweden as a secret honour to his late brother. The costume embodies the name.

3. What or which are you inspirational source/sources?
I grew up in the 80s so back then swedish kids could read Superman, Spiderman ,Tarzan they all had their own comics. Of course the Phantom was very popular here aswell and still is for many. On TV i watched Gi.Joe, Bravestarr all these cartoons and there even was a superhero teddybear called Superted  wich I loved when i was like 6 years old. Later on I was a huge Todd Mcfarlane fan and I remember when i got my hands on Spawn #1 in a comicbook shop in Gotheburg. I was so impressed with the artwork,those colours in the Image books where mindblowing. So I guess as an artist you take alot of inspiration from your childhood popculture and mix it with all the comics and cool movies you ever seen. As far as Comicbook artist goes, I looked up to John Byrne, Neal Adams, Todd Mcfarlane, Liefeld, all the Image guys was a huge influence. Nowdays I would say Tony S Daniel but I still follow Todds projects and the Image founders, Its nice to see those guys are still around 20 + years later. But I have gotten  better at finding my own style in later years, After alll  you dont want to be a copycat.To be original, to be a pioneer. Thats my ambition. To create something unique and entertain people.

4. Do you see, or should we see, any similarities with comic book characters such as ‘CAPTAIN AMERICA’ and ‘DEADPOOL’?

With Captain America, the obvious inspiration is in the name “Captain+Country” and the concept of creating a superhero costume that has elements of a flag in it, but thats basically it. Captain Sweden took that name to honour his dead brother who was known as “Captain Sweden” to the Skatecommunity. Therefore he is not a patrionic character in that sense.For Captain Sweden  Its a nickname not a military rank.

Captain America is a soldier, Captain Sweden is a civilan. Captain Sweden has no superpowers and is not controlled by the goverment or any organisation.He has more in common with, for example Batman than Captain America. Ive been asked about Deadpool before and I guess they mean the fully covered facemask but for me, my refrence was Spider-mans mask and the way swedish soccerfans paint their faces with the yellow cross and blue facepaint going to soccergames. I read alot of Liefelds Youngblood stuff in the 90´s but I wasnt aware of Deadpool until recent years when he became popular.  Again with the superpowers, his healingpower and the fact that Deadpool kills his enemies I dont see many similarities between them as characters.


© Jörgen Berthage 2016
Sneak peek preview from the comics.


5. When can we read about ‘CAPTAIN SWEDEN’s adventures?
Early on I made a misstake an announced a Graphic Novel date that I couldnt hold so I wont do that again. Ive make everything myself from pencil artwork, inks, colouring and lettering so Its taken me a long time. Right now, I have a 10-pages coloured  comicbook story finished and I would love to submit that to Swedish  publisher. If that doesnt happen Im gonna go for selfpublishing maybe as a Kickstarter project.

In that case it will be a 22 page comic with 10 comicbook pages and the rest will be fact files on characters, artgallery, Maps and stuff like that. I used to love reading about secret lairs or like the Gi.Joe Fact files cards and Marvels Superhero files. Hopefully Captain Sweden fans will enjoy that aswell. It will be in Swedish first but I also want to make an english version that will probably be published online.There is some interesting projects  happening in small print companies here so an alternative is to publish my 10 pages in an Anthology comic so Im looking into that aswell. I will announce a specif publication date once its all decided. On captain swedens facebook page and twitter. My goal is still to make a Grapic Novel but this short story will be published first to satisfy my very patient Captain sweden Fanboys and Fangirls.


6. What more adventures are there to come to ‘CAPTAIN SWEDEN’?
Well only the future will tell for sure but Im getting new ideas all the time. Iwe written an short synopis fo a Christmas story that also is an origin story for one of Captain Swedens enemies.  A superhero is only as good as his villians so Im trying to come up with really great villains. To me, Batman has the best villains in Comics. The Joker, the riddler I mean, amazing characters. In the Captain Sweden Universe the characters dont really have superpowers but some have magical powers and things like Time or dimension portals is possible.The occult and supernatural events.  So for instance there might be an elseworld story where Captain Sweden finds himself in ancient  times.. The first story will be a origin intro and then cuts to  many years later when he acts as Captain Sweden.

 © Jörgen Berthage 2016
Sneak peek preview from the comics



The Oscar-winning actor embarks on an epic exploration of God in new National Geographic Channel series.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC från 22.00, ikväll.

Two New Swedish Hip Hop Releases

Hip hop profiles Cherrie of RMH and Mohammed Ali of Redline have just dropped new singles. Enjoy, dudes!

New Swedish Album Release: ‘SILVANA IMAM – NATURKRAFT’

3 New Swedish Hip Hop Releases

This week has been kind to fans of Sweish hip hop. Three big artists have released singles and it should feed the hunger for music, especially for hip hop.

Ken Ring is a legend in Swedish hip hop. His new album wil be released on May, 20. This track is the first single and here c omes the video to it, just released a couple of hours ago:

This is the first single of Kartellen‘s last album with lead rapper Sebbe Staxet: Slutpläderingen and urges the listeners to break the criminality- and violence- circle and become a role model for others. Sebbe Staxet will retire after the album is released.

Lani Mo has a couple of good hits but I have not listened that much to his music.

#HIPHOP: Remember That One Time When #EMINEM Used The Word ‘#SWEDEN’ In His Song And Video?

Check out the one time famous artist and rapper Eminem named Sweden in his lyrics. It happened in the song and the video to his hit- single ‘When I’m Gone‘ that he made for his daughter.

The word ‘Sweden’ is named two times in the same verse, at 4:06
in the video. The song was released on December 6, 2005 on his first compilation album – Curtain Calls: The Hits.

Enjoy and rejoice, Swedes.

#HIPHOP: ‘KOLLA PÅ MIG NU’ Close To 100K Listenings On #Spotify

Swedish Hip Hop artist Mabou, earlier known as BoBo is close to reaching an impressive milestone on Spotify. His hit- single ‘Kolla på mig nu‘ with Adam Kanyama and Shivano is just above 7K listenings short of 100K.

These are some impressive numbers, specially for Swedish hiphop.

As usual there is no evidence without a pic or link so here you got one pic from Mabou’s instagram.


He is about to release a second mixtape – SFDB. Stay tunned as I’ll keep you updated when it releases.   


Check out this new tune from Redline’s artist Rob Bourne – ‘Alla vet’, produced by Mack Beats.

A beautiful song in which the artist wonders what the meaning with life is and sings about the boys in the hood.

Enjoy this hot new release!


So today, me and my friend M.G (who is an artist) found out about a workshop that sneakers- and clothing- store Calirootsstore, Adidas Originals and the northern Stockholm- based label Redline Records held in central Stockholm.

We found about it via Instagram. But as I cannot any longer embedd Instagram- posts in articles, I will show you the tweets from the sources that we’ve been informed from:



It started at 13.00, so we decided to show up somewhere between 13.30 and 14.00, which was wise as there were still not many people around yet and as I was feeling nervous, the nerves would calm down and I would just chill out. Picture this: almost all of Sweden’s greatest artists are signed at Redline. So imagine how it is to see them live, walking around inbetween visitors as there is no tomorrow, just as you and I use to do on the streets. And I have not mentioned the producers, which are the finest Sweden has to offer and it has been that way over the past couple of years.

Amnyway, showing up was no problem. We found the adress based on Google Maps and joined the workshop.

The first thing that we’ve met there was Salla, the legendary former member of urban Swedish hiphop band TLK – The Latin Kings and one of Redline’s producers, spinnin’ some dope shit.

At this time, it was old school that he played. Classics such as Snoop Dogg with Dre, Eazy-E and some more Westcoast- based music from its golden age. And as I am a big fan of that kind of music, I really enjoyed it. My friend did as well, as we spoke to eachother about the selection and both were pleased and so seemed everybody else on the spot to be.
(You can find DJ Salla on Instagram: https://instagram.com/salla_salazar_tsb/)

After a couple of minutes, we both got, one cupon each for food, even though it stood ‘beer’ on it.

(Öl means beer in Swedish)
We got out to the food van and ordered a sandwich. It took around 20 minutes to get the food, but all the credits go to the workers in the food van as it was delicious. Sadly, I cannot remember the name of the company that was making it. But they still deserve a BIG UP for it being so tasty!

Afterwards, we got inside once again and into the backyard of the blocks, as the workshop was in there. And I started shoting some photos. First out was the following:

An attraction depicting artists and possibly producers of the Redline- family with a hole for the head, where you could squeeze in your own and take a shot. Unfortunately, I was still feeling nervous and tensed and did not find the courage to try it. That’s a shame, as it could have turned out into a fun thing.

I was then taking one more shot of DJ Salla, who mixed the stiles and spiced things up in there. It felt more like some kind of a party, at least to me, than a workshop. (And I still don’t know what to expect from a workshop? Are they all this fun? Then I should go more often!)

Soon after that, I was shoting a small video, 15 seconds long, just for Instagram. You can check it out here:

(As I don’t think that it will show up on this post, visit http://instagram.com/geekeenboy.)
You can see DJ Salla and even his brother Chepe Salazar in front of him. He was aswell one of the members of the legendary rap group TLK – The Latin Kings.

My friend M.G. wanted to be photo’ed with a refreshing drink in his hand.

This is what we drank: Apple “Must” (I don’t know how to translate that) for M.G. and LOKA Crush (mineral water with fruit taste) for me. His drink is what he held in his right hand in the previous picture. The drinks were there to pick up, more than probably sponsored by the organisators.

I saw two posters of the hip hop queen Linda Pira and took a shot.

I should mention that I saw her when we first got there and in the line at the food van, but I was way too nervous to speak to her and ask for such a simple thing as a picture. But I can ashure everyone, from fans to haters, that she is way more beautiful than you have ever seen her in any video.
Her latest single is ‘Jag svär‘, with which she hopes to raise young peoples’ and mostly young girls’ (teens) awarness about retirement and savings untill the time.

You can follow her on Instagram: https://instagram.com/lindapira/.

Masse then took the DJ stage, perhaps way before I noticed it, while I was busy uploading the pictures and writing descriptions and attaching hashtags to them. I have recorded a video

(If you cannot view it, please visit http://instagram.com/geekeenboy)
He played some sweet reggae, and if I remember right, mixed with some reggaeton or reggaeton influenced songs. It was golden. He is the main producer of the label, and the former DJ, the one that was playing in the beginning, and the one that stood up – Chepe – are his brothers. They are three brothers and use to go by the name TSB – The Salazar Brothers(Salazar being their lastname).
– You can find Masse on Instagram as well: https://instagram.com/masse_salazar/

The next thing that I did, was to listen and really enjoy the new talent, probably the label’s unpolished diamond, as he, untill today, was unknown to me. Bourne is his artist name.

//platform.instagram.com/en_US/embeds.jsThe song that he was performing was a killer song straight up. I was captioning “MÖRDARLÅT” on the description of the video, which in swedish means nothing else but “KILLERSONG“.
(You can find the artist on his official Instagram page: https://instagram.com/bourneofficial/)

Next up was no one else than artist and producer Bamma B. He had a fire song, and you can find the video on my Instagram account.

There is rumor that the video to the song that he performed will be released soon. And trust me, he deserves the HYPE. He has been doing the hooks on great songs as Swish:

And ‘Ooh Yeah

Next thing we did, was to go out on the street for some fresh air. There we met Redline’s artist Mohammed Ali. First up: I was trying to get a picture with him, but my friend got my phone wrong probably so there was no picture. I snapped this photo of them two:

After that, while trying to look at both pictures, and review it for the artist, we saw that there was no picture of him and me, so we took one:

The last single by him, that I know of, is Champions League, where his artist name is Moms. As he told me, when asked, he said that it’s the name he uses when he is doing a collab with his label- mates.

You can follow him on Instagram: https://instagram.com/mohammedaliayla/

Next up, we saw mig-L, one Redline- family member that have not been seen as much as the others but has been working twice as hard. He takes care of the production and editing of the video material for the artists at the label. He is truly one talented artist. We both took pictures with him:

Me and him.

M.G. and him.

We’ve finished our day by chillin’ and listenin’ to what’s spinnin’ for 20 minutes to halv a hour and afterwards, we left the workshop.

I was feeling nervous at first but towards the end, I felt relaxed and relieved out of stress.

Also check out the following:
Redline’s Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/RedlineRecords
Redline Recordings’ Instagram account – https://instagram.com/redlinerecordings/
Redline Recordings’ Twitter account – https://twitter.com/TheSalazarBros

And the sponsor of this event:
Caliroot Instagram
Caliroot Twitter