When Warner Bros. announced ‘The Hobbit’-saga to be turned into two movies back in 2008, a team behind som ‘LEGO’- games got the idea to pitch a live-action oriented videogame tie-in with the project to make players feel like if they were experiencing the movies.

Within six months (until February 2009), a demo was made and taken on a 39-hours long trip to New Zealand to be presented to Peter Jackson and Guillermo del Toro.

(so the people behind the game project decided to use ‘Lord of the Rings’ as a template.

So what these guys did was to use ‘Lord of the Rings’ as a template with key scenes from the trilogy and picture what it could be achieved at that time with the Xbox 360- hardware (and it’s still looks great 11 years later, imho).

They developed four fully playable and polished levels (and five additional tech demos).

The first level was a demostration of free stealth gameplay; Frodo could sneak, hide, throw rocks to distract the Uruk-Hai, climb trees, use his senses to focus on enemies, jump from trees onto foes, and try to fight them directly (against the odds, of course).

The second level was the Isengard fight between Gandalf and Sauron; you could cast spells, deflect attacks, and throw Saruman around the room.

The third level was another stealth based level in the woods, with Frodo trying to avoid the black rider. If he got spotted; he would have to resist the temptation to use the one ring.

The last level was the Gandalf vs The Balrog fight in Khazad-dûm (it looks epic).

The tech demos showcased Aragorn fighting the Uruk-Hai; showing the combat-mechanics, Frodo and Sam at Weathertop trying to avoid the Nazguls and the forementioned using the ring, the prologue Sauron battle (shown at the very beginning of the films) testing how many enemies could be processed, Frodo and Sam in the Shire and in Rivendell; using motion-capture to re-create moments from the film.

Both Jackson and del Toro were positive about the project and wanted to the see it happen. Warner Bros, however, wanted instead a game that wasn’t directly based on the movie but that was set in the same world at the same time, so it was never released.

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One of the best scene(s) in The Hobbit movie adaptation.

Three Rings for the Elven-kings under the sky,
Seven for the Dwarf-lords in their halls of stone,
Nine for Mortal Men doomed to die…

This battle between The Light and The Dark is up to this day one of the most spectacular I’ve seen ALL-TIME.

Happy Birthday To Ian McKellen A.K.A. Gandalf & Magneto


Happy B-day to Sir Ian McKellen! He is turning 76 today. He is known for his roles as Gandalf in Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit and also for his role as mutant Magneto in the X-Men movies.

#MOVIES AND #TALES: The Beautiful Hand-Writing And Maps Of ‘THE LORD OF THE RINGS’ #FILM

A map of Middle Earth, drawn for the original LotR trilogy.

The maps and caligraphy of ‘THE LORD OF THE RINGS’- and ‘THE HOBBIT’- movies was made by the same artist. His name is Daniel Reeve and he is from New Zeeland. He have made some nice work for Peter Jackson and below are some examples of his works for the two trilogies with astunning works of calighraphy and maping.

Reeve writing on camera for The Hobbit

Pieces made to dress the set for The Lord of the Rings

Pieces made to dress the set for The Lord of the Rings written in the fictitious script Tengwar

Moon runes from The Hobbit

Tengwar script to dress the Rivendell set in The Lord of the Rings

Check out more of his stunning work at his official website:

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#Movies: ‘THE HOBBIT: BATTLE OF THE FIVE ARMIES’ Hits $700 Million Worldwide #film #cinema #bio

According to industry insider, the movie has manahed to income at past $220 million in US alone after only three weeks.

According to various sources, it managed to hit $700 million worldwide already.

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#Movies And #Fantasy: ‘THE HOBBIT’ On The Cover Of #Empire #Magazine #film #nytt

We have earlier published the cover of Empire Magazine with Thorin showing off his regal armor. You can find the picture here.

Now, several other covers picturing The Hobbit have been released and I just couldn’t be more hyped right now. Pure awesomeness!

Thanks to LOTR_Hun for the picture.

#Movies: ‘THE HOBBIT’ Legacy #Trailer #film #nytt

Watch this new released trailer titled “Legacy“, with scenes from LotR aswell as The Hobbit– movies.