TorrentFreak has compiled a list over the top 10 most dowloaded tv-shows of 2018 on BitTorrent.

Over the past 6 years there has been ONE special show that was number one on these end-year lists. Prolly you could guess which. Yep, that’s right – Game of Thrones. It would, I THINK, take the number one spot again but there were no episodes released last year. However, the final season will arrive before June this year and the stats will sky rocket.

Here are the TOP 10:

  1. The Walking Dead
  2. The Flash
  3. The Big Bang Theory
  4. Vikings
  5. Titans
  6. Arrow
  7. Supernatural
  8. Westworld
  9. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow
  10. Suits


#THEPIRATEBAY Founder Goes To The Court Of Appeal In Case Of Domain Seizure


Fredrik Nejl, the founder of Thepiratebay has appealed the District Court’s sentence from last week. 

The Court decided back then that the domains and to be seized and go into the ownership of the Swedish state.

Since then, the well known torrent site has registered a couple of new domains in order to make it impossible for different countries’ authorities to stop them. The domains are visible on the picture above. Since then, the .gs-domain is said to have stopped working.


Fyra fildelningssidor har stängts ned efter razzior från polisen, beordrade utav Internationella åklagarkammaren i Stockholm, uppger SVT.

De berörda sidorna är (som dock öppnat på nytt, registrerat i Panama nu och med ett annat domännamn), Piratehub, Tankafetast och TFPlay.

I razzian har fem personer omhändertagits och åklagaren hävdar att det inte är någon myndighet som ligger bakom borttagandet av sidorna, utan de brottsmisstänkta själva, som vill undvika fortsatt brottslighet.

#TPB: ‘THE PIRATE BAY’ Is Back! #filesharing #fildelning #thepiratebay

After weeks of absence, the well- known and popular swedish torrent site The Pirate Bay is back.

It got shut down by the police, while they were performing a raid against them a couple of weeks ago. Millions, of users were unable to connect to the servers after that and it resulted with an official statement, a couple of days later, that the site was officially gone.

But that didn’t stopped the TPB- crew, who had a mysterious countdown at the site’s official adress and the countdown was to be ended on February 1st. Now that the site is back online, it seems like it is one day earlier than planned. We welcome them back and wish them luck with the authorities and everything in between.